LAHORE President of Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA), Suhail Baluch has offered his services to PIA as an instructor on A-310 without any extra allowance, PALPA spokesman said on Thursday. He said that Baluch has voluntarily withdrawn from Route Check allowance offered by PIA management to him under amended PALPA-PIA Working Agreement as every member of PALPA wants the national carrier to be out of financial crunch. He said that Baluch has always been committed to the welfare of the corporation and its employees and accepted the supervisory assignment only after the said clause was mutually agreed both by PALPA and PIA management. The spokesman regretted that some scrupulous elements, linked with the previous management, were trying to deceive the employees as if the President PALPA is getting some huge undue monetary benefits out of this assignment. Sohail Baluch has withdrawn route check allowance till the time he is President PALPA in the best interest of the national airline and its employees, he added. He has discharged the duties of route check Captain/ DCP-B/DCP-A on previous equipments flown. The supervisory assignment is a professional pride for every pilot and financial benefit is hardly of any significance, PALPA spokesman said. Earlier, he said, former PALPA president Capt. NA Bucha, Capt. Syed Naqi-ur-Rehman and Capt Imran Usman etc., had also performed the same job while holding positions in PALPA. He also said that a group, related to the previous management, has been conspiring to malign the leadership of PALPA and pilots and accusing them for monetary gains etc.