PESHAWAR Despite allocation of Rs 18.4 billion for law and order, the much-awaited explosive detectors have still not been provided to the militancy-plagued Khyber Pakhtunkhwa though the Chinese government has already provided it through soft loan of $ 2.96 million in July 2009. These modern gadgets have already been installed in Islamabad and also in Swat during military operation of 2009 but it is not known yet that why these scanners have not been installed at important entry points of Peshawar especially the routes from Darra Adam Khail and Khyber Agency. In the wake of frequent terror attacks in the provincial capital, comprehensive security measures are the need of the hour as the residents of Peshawar are no more ready to see their nears and dears in this blood bath. To tackle the menace of terrorism, both the provincial and Federal government should take preventive measures and identify the roots through which the high quality explosives are being supplied to the heart of the city. Rs 18.4 billion is a huge amount to restore law and order situation in the province but proper utilisation of this budget would need due consideration. Two year back in July, 2009, full road modern scanners provided by the Chinese government under soft loan of 2.96 million dollars but these scanners could not installed in the areas which were badly suffered in militancy. At that time Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui who inked agreement with Interior Ministry had said that the scanners have no side effects and these are effective tool to foil the sabotaging bids of the terrorisms. However, the Pakistani Radiologist said that, these high resolution scanners have also some negative impacts of radiation if people passing again and again through it. They said that the scanners are suitable for border areas where people infrequently passing through these security gadgets. Whatever the position of these scanners but the authorities concerned did not publicly disclosed any matter regarding these scanners, that weather these high power scanners are available with Pakistan or its number were too less to address the needs of the most sensitive areas of the country. Wandering of terrorist with huge quantity of explosive in Peshawar and other parts of the country is a matter of grave concern for the government but the authorities concerned are still not serious to protect the general massacre of their people. Instead of condemning such attacks under fortified walls the Federal government should take effective steps to foil these sabotaging activities for the future. In this connection government should import more modern scanners without any delay from china to install it on all entry points of Peshawar as the city is adjacent to militancy hit tribal area and semi tribal region of Darra Adam Khail. Moreover, extra contingent of security forces and frontier constabulary should be deployed to keep proper check on miscreant activities, while the arrested people should be interrogated properly that weather they are local people or trained and financed by the foreign elements. It is worth mentioned here that in most of the attacks government point finger to Taliban insurgents but the some time Taliban denying their involvement in those blast in which civilian were targeted. So in this connection every incident of terrorism need proper investigation to trace out the responsible elements.