ISLAMABAD - A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court, challenging the holding of Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly 's elections by Election Commission of Pakistan on 12 constituencies, which are located in Pakistani territory. Petitioner Javed Akhtar, PML-N candidate for AJK Legislative Assembly seat No 4 Gujrat on Thursday filed a constitutional petition under Article 184(3) of the Constitution and making ECP as respondent. The applicant said that AJK Election Commission had written a letter to the ECP, requesting for appointment of returning officers and assistant returning officers for conducting elections on 12 seats and the chief election commissioner had approved AJK Election Commissions request. Out of total 41 seats of AJK Legislative Assembly, the 12 constituencies are in Pakistan. The voters of these constituencies have migrated from Indian Held Jammu and Kashmir, and are now residing in various parts of Pakistan. He contended that ECP had not been authorised to conduct elections to any other body including elections for the twelve non-territorial seats of the AJK Legislative Assembly unless an act of the parliament so provides. He said holding the election by the ECP on these seats would be in violation of Article140A, 218 of the constitution. The petitioner said that Article 219 of the Constitution specifies the duties of the ECP. He also mentioned that Election Commission of AJK had no authority under the Constitution of Pakistan to change or entrust any other additional duties to the ECP. The applicant said that ECP should not entertain the request, submitted by any body, which was not in accordance with the provisions of Constitution of Pakistan. He also said that ECP had violated the Article 218 and 219 by preparing the electoral lists for AJK upcoming elections. He also requested the court to declare the holding of elections on these 12 seats by ECP as illegal and void abinitio.