MULTAN - The incident is widely condemned by political and social circles. Former Chief Minister Punjab Ch. Pervez Elahi declared the attack terrorism, saying it reflected complete failure of government in protecting the most important pillar of the state. He added that the rulers of Punjab failed to maintain law and order in the province. Former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the incident was shocking and the elements involved in attack should be brought to the justice. Former district nazim Mian Faisal Mukhtar declared the incident an attack on freedom of press, asking the government to punish the attackers besides compensating the loss. The Academic Staff Association (ASA) of BZU also deplored the attack. In a statement, the members of ASA Dr. Abdul Quddoos Sohaib, Dr. Saed Farrukh and Dr. Arsalan expressed complete solidarity with the journalists. Other social and political leaders including Moazzam Kamran Babar, Ashraf Qureshi, Sheikh Faisal Karim, N.G. Khan, Pir Syed Saim and Rafi Shah said that the attack was a conspiracy against freedom of press. They demanded immediate action against attackers.