LAHORE As the minimum punishment, the PPP has demanded removal of the Punjab law minister from the provincial cabinet for uttering a statement, which is being believed to be 'inflammatory, grossly unparliamentary and entirely derogatory to all norms of morality. Rana Sanaullah has refused to budge an inch from his stated position, and has warned former federal minister Babar Awan to mend his ways; otherwise he would be paid back in the same coin. As per a letter addressed to the Punjab chief minister on Thursday, Opposition Leader Raja Riaz Ahmed has asked Shahbaz Sharif to remove the law minister. It is also asserted: Being part of your cabinet conferring joint responsibility, it befalls upon you to take appropriate action against him the least being forthwith removal from the cabinet. Moreover, the PPP has also assured the provincial government that it would vote for the Punjab budgets approval without any pre-conditions, and the party believed that the legal, constitutional and moral fibre of the budget should not be impaired. This has been done after instructions from the president and the prime minister. In the meanwhile, for the second continuous day at the Punjab Assembly, Rana Sana was vociferously confronted by the Opposition, and on different occasions the members did not allow him to talk. After delivering his speech when the CM left the floor, on a point of order Raja Riaz asked the Chair to call back Shahbaz Sharif, and the latter should listen to him. Raja also mentioned that he along with his colleagues had met Shahbaz Sharif in his chamber, and presented him the letter. He went to assert that Rana Sana should be removed from the cabinet since his tongue was loose and beyond control, and this was worsening the matter further. At this point when Rana Sana wanted to say something, the Opposition started making noise. However, Sana was successful in making his point. Bhola Bhalla (an absolute gullible) and Bhonga (easy to fool) opposition leader has said something about me. Now either he should listen to me now or wait for my reply, he demanded of the Chair. To this, Dr Asad Ashraf asserted that yesterday the matter was over and it should not be brought up again. Raja Riaz, while continuing with his diatribe, criticised the Daanish School System, and Sasti Roti Scheme, and wanted that committees for all such subjects, including alleged corruption in various departments, should be constituted. The Aashiyana Housing Scheme is being used for favouring PML-N workers. Secondly, they (PML-N leaders) claim that begging bowl has been shattered, which is impossible. So better it is that they should break Lotas (turncoats), he suggested. Rana Sana sarcastically said the CM must have listened to him (Raja Riaz) since he was sitting in his Chamber. If not, then the details will be told to him, he could say only this amid loud slogans and noise of the opposition benches. Amid loud noise, Rana Sana asserted: They are apprehensive to such an extent that they do not want to listen to me, he observed, while quizzing: When everything was decided yesterday in the speakers chamber, then what was the need for todays discussion? He also said he had explained the situation to them. Sloganeering does not resolve matters. Now after the opposition leader has given it in written for voting in favour of the budget, they has lost right to criticise. This is a historical blooper of the opposition leader, he opined. Deputy Parliamentary leader Shaukat Basra said the law minister was responsible for running the House but this minister was reckless. He is the most careless law minister, he asserted. Later, while talking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly, Rana Sana warned Babar Awan to mend his ways or otherwise he would be responded in the same tone. Writing a letter by the Punjab governor to the CM and passing of a resolution in the Senate is one-way action, and an instance of going beyond the entrusted powers. The governor and Senate do not know my stance, and I will write a letter to the governor, he added. Sana also said that writing of a letter to the CM by the governor was ridiculous. The Punjab governor should correct his information that I had strongly condemned the murder of Salman Taseer. Why the governor thought to write a letter after six days? questioned Sana. He said if Babar Awan would talk in the 'Maulla Jutt style, then we cannot respond his statements by laughing.