KARACHI - PPP legislators demanded that Dr. Zulfikar Mirza should resume his responsibilities as provincial home minister for restoration of peace in Karachi and elimination of No-Go Areas in Karachi. Speaking on the budget on Thursday, PPP lawmaker Agha Taimur, amidst thumping of desks by his colleagues, demanded that home minister Dr. Zulfikar Mirza should cut short his leave and resume his responsibilities to restore peace and tranquility as Sindh direly needed him. He said that in the past feudals were held responsible for creating 'no-go areas but now these no-go areas came into existence in Karachi and added that such problems could be resolved through collective efforts. He said that if the present government failed to eliminate the no go areas from Karachi and rural areas, then it will be an injustice with the future generations. If the present reconciliation democratic government for which each and every person including our leader Benazir Bhutto rendered sacrifice, failed to deliver. We will not do justice with our coming generations, he added. He said that being a parliamentarian it is our responsibility to ensure that closed schools should start functioning and hospitals should deliver health facilities to the people. There is no opposition in Sindh Assembly and it was our collective responsibility to deliver to the people, he maintained. Agha Taimur demanded imposition of tax on the import of luxury vehicles. PPP member Ghulam Muhammad Shehaliani demanded restoration of the old commissionerate system which holds the solution of problems faced by the common citizens. He demanded that Dr. Zulfikar Mirza should be brought back on the job of Home Ministry by cutting short his medical leave because Sindh Chief Minister already had huge workload on his hand. Syed Fasih Shah of PPP exhorted the need of good governance for execution of budget in letter and spirit. He said that educational institutions were in dilapidated conditions and lacking teaching staff. He suggested construction of a new barrage on the pattern on Sukkur barrage as the whole agriculture areas on the province depend on this barrage.