NOORPUR THAL - Noorpur Thal in South Punjab is very backward the hottest Tehsil of the province. The tehsil consists of 82 villages. Large numbers of people are related with agriculture. But the farmers of Thal are facing a lot of problems and living hand to mouth. The seepage of Chasham Jhelum-link Canal has destroyed thousands acres of land in the tehsil. The crops are also affected. On the other side, the River Jhelum with its floods also damages the crops which are cultivated on the both sides of the river. Irrigation efficiency is very low in the area. The farmers Association said that the farmers are facing a lot of problems and the reasons for such a huge productivity gap include traditional farming practices, inefficient irrigation methods, high input costs, lack of bio-safety regulations and insufficient institutional credit for poor farmers. Irrigation efficiency is very low and 60 per cent of irrigation water is lost during transmission of water from source to the field, they added They said that the government never announce any relief package for the farmers of these areas. The farmers association appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister to announce a special relief package for the affected farmers of Noorpur Thal.