NOORPUR THAL - Two persons have died in different traffic accidents and three sustained injuries. Motor accidents are common in Thal due to lack of traffic sense, carelessness and crazy for speed. A car accident took place near village of Luckoo Thal. A car was coming from Roda Thal side at a great speed. A rickshaw coming from Luckoo Thal collided against the car. The car driver had turned a little to the right without slacking the speed of his vehicle. As a result, the rickshaw turned turtle. Rickshaw driver Zakir Hussain, resident of Noorpur Thal, died on the spot. Three persons who were in the car sustained serious injuries. All of them were taken to the hospital. In another roadside traffic accident Muhammad Afzal resident of Noorpur Thal also died on the spot, this accident is taken place the village of 92 Mor.