UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - The UNSC will on Friday proclaim its support for Ban Ki-moon getting a second term as UNsecretary general and his reelection should be completed next week, diplomats said. The Russian govt on Thursday became the last of the five permanent members of the Security Council to declare its support for a new term for the former South Korean foreign minister. All 15 council members now back Ban's new term and a formal vote by acclamation recommending his reelection to the UNGA will be carried out on Friday, diplomats said. Latin American countries at the United Nations are the last regional group not to have given their backing for a new five year term for the 67-year-old Ban, but they will meet before the Security Council session on Friday. The 192 country UN General Assembly is scheduled to hold its election for the secretary general next Tuesday. Russia on Thursday gave its blessing to Ban, even though among the five permanent Security Council members it is one of the most critical of his performance. "We are ready to support the candidacy of the esteemed Ban Ki-moon for a second term as UN Secretary General," Interfax news agency quoted foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich as saying. The other four permanent members, the United States, China, France and Britain - who can veto any resolution as well as Ban's reappointment - have all given strong statements of support for Ban. Russian diplomats have been critical of some of Ban's strong statements in favour of the Arab Spring protesters and his action in the Ivory Coast unrest earlier this year. Russia abstained the Security Council vote allowing action to protect civilians in Libya and is strongly opposed to a current resolution proposed by Britain, France, Germany and Portugal which would condemn the Syrian government's crackdown on opposition protests.