ISLAMABAD - Shahid Khan Afridi has finally realised that he has gone too far in his fight with Pakistan Cricket Board and that's why he not only withdrew his case from the Sindh High Court but is also ready to appear before the PCB disciplinary committee, besides vowing to follow whatever punishment he is awarded in true letter and sprit. A very simple question comes to everyone's mind if Afridi was to backtrack then why he did all this drama. All his statements harmed not only cricket but also the country at the international level. At a time when not a single team is ready to tour Pakistan sighting so-called security concerns, statements like these further worsen the position of the country and the board. The answer is not much difficult to find as Afridi just wanted to get NOC to be able to play county and other type of cricket abroad and earn millions of rupees. No one is going to believe that Afridi reversed his decision just for the sake of cricket and country. If Afridi really loves his country then he should continue playing cricket for his country rather than representing Hampshire or signing for Sri Lankan League. No matter what circumstances are Afridi should have continued playing cricket as a player even after he was stripped of captaincy, a decision which Afridi forced the PCB to take. Giving statements is a different thing and applying them is another; these double standards of the super stars are forcing cricket-mad people to switch their loyalties to other sports than cricket. A country which has given Afridi so much fame and respect across the globe deserves better treatment in return. By no way that attitude of Afridi is acceptable to anyone, as he first made hue and cry and when things didn't go in his favour, he just started playing with masses' sentiments. The people must realise supporting such persons is by no means service to any sports. The thing which is crystal clear is that Afridi just wants to get NOC from PCB and has no intention to reverse his retirement decision, at least for the time being and just wants to cash his reputation and earn dollars. The PCB must have to rethink and make tougher rules and the violators, no matter how influential are they, must be given exemplary punishments so no one can even think of violating them in future. Where are those so-called politicians who were giving statements in Afridi's favour and blaming only Pakistan Cricket Board? The politicians must stay out of this and let the PCB and players decide, as they have nothing to do with this and just want to get cheap publicity and remain in media. And the most importantly the PCB should draft some kind of resolution against the past cricketers who at their peak did same things but after retirement start criticising the board. After all this drama, where do they all stand? Whether or not it's PCB fault, Afridi can't be spared from his part in the entire saga. If he wanted to do this after all the hype, then all this drama was made just to get undue attention.