LAHORE Mr Khalid Mehmood, CEO of Getz Pharma (Pvt) Ltd., has been elected as the President of World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan (WWF Pakistan) effective 1st July, 2011 He was preceded by Mr Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, CEO of Qarshi Industries, who was the President of the organisation from November 2006 till June 2011. Over the decades, WWF Pakistan has been headed by many noted Pakistani philanthropists, businessmen and industry leaders who have guided the course of the organisation to make it one of the most active environmental and conservation organisations in the country. During the leadership of Mr. Iqbal Qarshi, WWF Pakistan made many new breakthroughs in conservation initiatives, including the Indus for All Programme, the Sustainable Agriculture Programme, forest conversion protection partnerships, public interest litigation, species monitoring and environmental education outreach. I is hoped and planned that the steady progress will continue under the guidance of Mr. Khalid Mehmood, who has extensive experience in leading initiatives and business strategies with a focus on research and analysis A graduate of the prestigious Rutgers University. he heads Getz Pharma which manufactures branded generic medicinal products and also licences research drugs from Europe and USA, which are marketed in Pakistan and many other international markets.