ISLAMABAD - A year-long campaign was launched Sunday to promote active fatherhood and responsibility for the care and upbringing of children.The campaign titled, "Greening Pakistan-Promoting Responsible Fatherhood"  was launched by Rutgers World Population Foundation as part of the commemoration of Father's Day, which was observed on Sunday.  Father's Day is celebrated on June 16 every year to honour fathers and appreciate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and their influence in society. This campaign will be implemented across Pakistan with the help of local implementing partners.

The drive is focused on transforming rigid perception of the society where men are generally expected to be only providers and breadwinners while women and girls are generally expected to care for children.

Due to these set patterns, fathers are usually more responsive but less expressive in showing emotions towards his children which is affecting the overall development of family and is the main reason behind increasing trend of various social issues.

This initiative has been carried out for the promotion of responsive and care giving fathers for prevention of child marriages and domestic violence to create an enabling environment where women and children can access their basic human rights.

Responsible and supportive fathers are the focal point of this campaign. Most importantly, this campaign will effectively contribute to strengthen the advocacy efforts for required legislative reforms on domestic violence and child marriages.

The campaign will conclude on next father's day in 2014.