More and more measles patients continued to approach public sector hospitals in the province for treatment, enhancing burden on already overloaded health facilities facing severe shortage of necessary drugs. On Sunday, as many as 99 measles patients were admitted to different hospitals in the province including 18 in Lahore. So far 17948 measles cases have been reported from across the province including 5204 in Lahore.

According to Additional Director General Health Dr Jafar Ilyas, no death has been reported from anywhere in the province.  Also, six more children admitted to Holy Family Hospital (HFH) during the last 24 hours, informed hospital sources on Sunday.

"As many as six children are hospitalised from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad where doctors are treating them," sources added.

The disease that broke out in Punjab virtually assumed shape of an epidemic as six to 10 measles-affected children were being reportedly taken on daily basis in the three teaching hospitals from different parts of the district. Ironically, officials of district health department termed the situation normal and under control while the surge in cases of measles speaks otherwise.–Staff Reporter

HFH Spokesman Dr Javed Hayat confirmed that a total of six children have been admitted in the hospital. He said that out of six children, five were brought from different areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad while one from Attock. He said that the doctors were medicating the patients and condition of all patients stable.

So far, a total of 516 cases of measles have been reported in teaching hospitals including Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Holy Family Hospital and District Headquarters Hospital. Of total number, 295 were only reported in HFH.