KARACHI  - Pakistan’s survival hinges upon educating our people. Every single child who is left illiterate is a travesty. It is the right of every human being and therefore it is crucial that we all should work towards helping society and raise awareness of the importance of education.

These views were expressed by Sabrina Dawood CEO Dawood Public School, while addressing the media during Dawood Public Open Day Festival held on 16th June. She further said, “We as a nation are in dire need of leaders and professionals in every field; more researchers, doctors, writers, philosophers, inventors, scientists, artists, economists, environmentalists and the list goes on.  This can only be achieved if we can enlighten the minds of others; channel our youth towards higher education and specialization.”

On inquiring about DPS A level program she said, “Dawood Public School has commenced it’s A level program in the interests of propelling young women on their academic journey towards higher education.

Within these walls we hope to illuminate fertile minds to imagine and conceive and to create hope for a better future for our country and for the world. “

Around 500 female students along with their parents from all over Karachi gathered at Dawood Public School to explore the A level program offered during DPS Open Day Festival. DPS offered an opportunity to gain a real insight about all big universities nationwide through direct career counseling for all O & A level students.

Over the course of the day, DPS staff gave over 50 presentations and interactive demonstrations and was on hand to answer all questions relating to courses in the faculties of Science, Commerce and Humanities.

Current students were also available to lend some practical advice and gave campus tours to the visitors.