Sindh Chief Secretary Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry on Sunday asked the commissioners and deputy commissioners to submit the salient features of the line of actions to combat monsoon 2012-13 in light of the instructions of Sindh chief minister and the decision of the recent meeting held at CM House and Sindh Secretariat to this effect.

Referring to the decisions of aforesaid meeting, Ejaz Chaudhry emphasised upon ensuring crash arrangements to overcome the post-rain difficulties. He maintained that no excuse should be accepted in case of any default; hence, each and every department, officer and official should perform their duties with enthusiasm. With the specific reference of transporting Reti and Bajri from Malir Rivers unlawfully as pointed out by MD KWSB Misbahudddin Fareed in a meeting on June 13 2013, the chief secretary maintained that administration and relevant law enforcement agencies must play their due role in accordance with law to overcome and eradicate irregularities.

He said that coordinated efforts must be ascertained by all departments, including traffic police. He noted that departments of local government, home, rehabilitation and irrigation should help Provincial Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with relief commissioner Sindh, divisional & district administrations adequately and strategically.