One is surprised to know that ANP’s Senator Zahid, who is the head of Senate’s Standing Committee for Power, has suddenly woken up, after five-year coalition government, to the fact that loadshedding is not ‘equitable’ in the country. He threatened to resign if the discriminatory practice of exempting houses of bigwigs from loadshedding was not stopped. He said this, when he summoned Yousaf Awan, the Chief Executive of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company, who told Zahid-led body, that there was no loadshedding at all at the Presidency, PM House, GHQ, ISI HQ, NAB, NADRA and the Judges Colony. He warned that such an exemption should only be made to hospitals and centers managing healthcare.

While one sees no sincerity behind his ‘popular’ rhetoric, the fact remains that unless the menace of loadshedding also affects the Presidency and other bigger institutions, there is no possibility of realisation at the top, as to how the rest of the nation braves the hot weather. It is also beyond comprehension as to why no step is being made to curtail the use of fuel and energy for luxuries of the officials, they need to feel the reality of what the nation is going through.


Rawalpindi, June 13.