ISLAMABAD - President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FPCCI) Senator Haji Ghulam Ali has said that two pc of income and sales tax may be exempted  in FATA and KPK to promote industry and trade.

He said this in his recommendations to the government for allocation of funds, which were issued from his office on Sunday.  He said that it is recommended that KPK and FATA are most effected areas due to prevailing law and order situation, due to which the industries and trade have been badly affected.

Transmission lines for the provisions of electricity in the Peshawar area have become in worst conditions, which are main cause of fire, which damage, precious lives and buildings may be replaced with immediate effect and the transformer have also been gone out of order which create great problem day to day. Rs. 100 million may be allocated in financial budget 2013-14 to meet the requirement.

He said that Peshawar a great philanthropist city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a capital of province but unfortunately deprive from gas facility in the modern era. Rs 300 million may be allocated in financial year 2013-14.

“It is also recommended that for the easy access to urban/ cities from the near about villages for revenue generation form-market roads may be constructed. For this purpose Rs100 million may be kept in the financial budget 2013-14”, he added.