The US and EU are convinced that Iran is developing its nuclear power for warfare, but Iran denies and claims that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes. This week Iranians would elect a new president. It halted further talks on the nuclear issues with the West and the United Nations. There are speculations whether the new administration will make any change in the policy over nuclear issues. The Iranian leadership is apparently divided on the issue. The US intelligence confirms that “Iran has not yet made a decision to build a bomb. They have capability of making centrifuges. It is a basic requirement but still they are far from making a bomb”.

For years the international community is negotiating with Iran to end its uranium enrichment programme, but to no end. HEU is an important part of nuclear bomb, for which Iran is still struggling. Perhaps, yet Iranian technology is limited to LEU. But international community is not satisfied and negotiating with Iran over the issue. Two rounds of international negotiations this year failed to yield any progress.

Former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker, whose foreign posts included Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, calls sanctions a double-edged sword, “I have seen it with sanctions elsewhere, including Iraq, they are manipulative, autocratic regimes, whether in Iraq or Iran, can manipulate sanctions in a way that the regime doesn’t suffer but the people do,” Crocker further said. “That clearly is not our intent.” Moreover, International community should consider Iranian concern over nuclear power programme and allow Iran's nuclear programme for peaceful purpose. International community should also consider Iranian power generation stance. On the other hand the new Iranian government should allow IAEA inspectors to visit the sights.


Lahore, June 12.