LAHORE - The annual Degree Show 2013 by Kinnaird College for Women’s Fine art department continued to shine on the second day as well at Ejaz Art Gallery.  Student poured in from different school and colleges to encourage and learn from the finalist of KC art batch 2013. Artists and student applauded the work presented by the college students saying that they have used new techniques in old forms. Myda Hamid whose work (gigantic zips) came out of the concept of relationships, while describing her art statement said, “zips consist of two columns of metal rods that connect to each other when the lock is being pulled up. They get connected so fast and so strong that they protect whatever’s beneath them”. “In this body of work, the zip is a metaphor for how I see a relationship between a man and a woman. Like a zip, the relationship between the two is strong and protective and impenetrable when in union, but vulnerable, exploited and exposed when apart,” she added. The exhibition will continue till June 19.