Minister for Interior, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan on Monday informed the National Assembly that a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been constituted to probe the recent terrorist incidents in Balochistan that had shocked and grieved the entire nation. He said the government would leave no stone unturned and it would thoroughly investigate the incidents of Bolan Medical College, Quetta and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s residency, Ziarat so that the responsible of the terrorist activities are taken to task. Informing the House about his visit to Ziarat and Quetta, Ch. Nisar said the causes and those responsible of these heinous acts would only be ascertained after completion of inquiry by the JIT which is headed by Deputy Inspector General of Police. The Minister, in response to acknowledgement from opposition benches, assured that each and every development with regard to investigations would be shared and he would continue taking guidance from the worthy members.

Ch Nisar said with regard to formation of new interior policy, he has called a meeting of all attached departments and civil armed forces here on June 20 and added he would do utmost to further enhance honour of the parliament.

He said all the resolutions passed jointly by the parliament would be implemented as the government of  Pakistan Muslim League-N would become voice of every Pakistani.

About the damage to Quaid’s residency in Ziarat, the Minister said it was also accidently damaged in 2008 earthquake. Its concrete structure is now safe but the wood structure got damaged due to recent fire. 

He said experts team has already reached Ziarat for repair of the residency which, he hoped, would be completed within three or four months. 

The Minister said the photographs and other belongings of Quaid-e-Azam kept in the Museum are also safe and sound.

He said the Federal government wanted to take responsibilities of national monuments and other cultural sites in the country and in this regard he would soon visit provinces for talks with provincial authorities for the safety and preservation of these sites. 

The Minister said the government would ensure all support to provinces and adopt measures in consultation with provinces to thwart incidents like Ziarat in future.

Ch Nisar also called for enhanced cooperation among Federal government and provinces and added the new policy would meet the set objectives positively.

Earlier, informing the House about the initial probe, he said in Ziarat the other watchmen are also under investigation and their conduct after the terrorist act has been questioned.

He said the initial investigation report revealed that  the students van was not exploded with remote control bomb, rather it was the incident of suicide bombing and suicide bomber was a female.  Further probe on this point is in progress.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said the basic objective of this regime is to establish peace in Balochistan and other troubled areas of the country through dialogues and ending deprivation of people and in this regard all necessary measure are being adopted.

The Minister spoke high about Deputy Commissioner who martyred in the Quetta incident and said he was dedicated and committed officer whose services for the country would eulogized and acknowledged.