Pakistan cricket team's Champions Trophy campaign ends in disaster as the green caps failed to win even a single match in the entire event. It was their worst till date performance in an ICC event and that too in its last edition.

It was expected from the moment when chief selector Iqbal Qasim announced a below par squad which clearly lacked genuine all-rounders. The only all-rounder in the team M Hafeez also failed miserably with both willow and leather.

The persistence with Imran Farhat led to an unwanted change in the batting order. The established opening pair of Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed has to come to an end just to accommodate Farhat, who has always proved a failure and despite reasons for his presence in the team is very well known to all. Even if the selectors and team management wanted to experiment with three openers and wanted Hafeez to bat at number 3, there should have been made a proper choice and a genuine in form opener should have been picked. The exploits of Ahmed Shahzad in only T20 game against South Africa and in domestic circuit makes him an obvious choice. But the enthusiastic chief selector and now suspended PCB chief remained focused on axing the out-of-form seniors rather than replacing them with proper contenders and future prospects.

Selectors were happy to axe senior player Younus Khan, who could have been proved a backbone for the team on English pitches. It was Younus whose solid run-a-ball game architected Pakistan’s victory in the T20 World Cup on same pitches. Though there was no harm in discarding out of form seniors an inducting young blood into the team if the process has been carried out wisely. The cricket fans remained baffled about the sanity of the choices made by the selectors. Dropping Shahid Afridi and Younus and naming Shoaib malik and Farhat in the squad have forced the cricket lovers to reach the conclusion that the PCB high-ups, selectors and current crop of team management all lack proper cricketing sense.

The lack of planning and consistency in selection matters also has exposed the team management as they failed to help the youngsters and even could not use them properly to get desired results. The case of Asad Shafique is an open example of the fact. He was dropped from the squad after the first match but was recalled in the match against India. Contrary to that, Malik was a total failure in Ireland, Scotland, warm-up matches and Champions Trophy but somehow he managed to play every match despite his struggles. Another example was Umer Amin who was included in the squad on Misbah’s wishes and given preference over Afridi but Misbah failed to utilize his talent properly in the match situation which was also an injustice to the youngster. Umer Akmal is another example whose career has become an enigma at the hands of the team management.

Misbah himself has a satisfied tournament with the bat but his captaincy measures were questionable and he failed to lift that spirit among the team which was needed to enter in such a big event. Despite scoring fluently with the bat, Misbah did not bother to change his batting position. He must have batted in top-order to stabilize the innings but he was happy to carry on with tail-enders.

Coach Dav Whatmore has also failed so far to make his presence felt since he has taken up the position with Pakistan team. The lack of planning has become a permanent feature of the team in every series and tournament and has put a question mark on the ability of a coach who has otherwise a glittering career behind him to boast-off. He has failed to make his coaching style compatible with the team and team’ lacks aggressiveness as well as passion since his arrival.

Suspended PCB chief Zaka has also experimented with specialized coaching for every department but his approach, as was accepted, has failed miserably. Situation and pitch is little tricky and otherwise a strong bowling unit goes wayward. Tricky are not batting situation remains the same; quite miserable. Taking a simple catch or stopping an easy boundary remains an enigma. So what purpose bowling, fielding and batting coaches are serving to the team cause? A million-dollar question indeed, as it costs millions in hiring such a high profile coaching staff by an organization who claimed to be cash-strapped. Whatmore, Julian Fountain, M Akram and newly-inducted ‘glorious’ and ‘decorated’ batting coach Trent Woodhill, whose talent is best known to only Zaka and Intikhab Alam, have overwhelmingly made their presence felt with the team as total failures.

And among them Woodhill remained quite a mystery as the PCB quite dramatically roped him in to boast the batting performance of the team in the Champions Trophy. It seems that someone have told Zaka and Intikhab that Woodhill has some magic lamp with a ginny which would turn around the fortunes of the team in an eye-blink. That’s why he was hired with such an emergency and amid dubious circumstances. However the good thing is that extension in his tenure was associated with the satisfactory performance during the event. And keeping in view the track-record of PCB’s decisions the cricketing fans may heard soon that such a brilliant coach will continue with the team till 2015 World Cup.

The situation is so ambiguous that it is hard to hold a single person responsible for bringing the Pakistan cricket in such depths. Taking the responsibility and resigning from the lucrative posts still eludes every department in Pakistan. So the people who may have such a wishful thinking that someone will show some guts and by accepting the responsibility are living in a fool’s paradise. Despite having abundant talent and resources, we are just suffering because of lack of managers and leadership. Nobody will accept incompetency and leave, but everybody will try to save his job by putting blame on others. So who will ring the alarms? Who will bell the cat? Who will bring some sane and sensible persons in the Board to run the affairs amicably? As we lack self-accountability, the cricketing fans only hope lies with the newly-inducted government to come forward and put the matters in right direction. Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf is himself an avid cricketer lover it is expected that he would take strong notice of the entire situation and would take some measures to streamline the derailed matters of Pakistan cricket.