The sad scenes shown on all TV news bulletins of Punjab Police chasing people into their homes with batons, and an axe in one policeman’s hand, which he plunged at the door of a house brought back memories of the Sikh marauders attacking houses in East Punjab at time of partition in 1947. It appears ‘Khadim-Ala’ had no control whatsoever over the Faisalabad police who had no qualms in beating young men and women inside their homes, thus breaking the constitutional protection of privacy of homes, which is guaranteed, as is a man’s dignity in any civilized country.

Beating protestors inside their homes is unheard of in the annals of civilized mankind. The Punjab police have become more like wild goons, who have gone beyond what is expected. They must be leashed before they harm the nation and its population. The police do not have a good reputation in the country and daily incidents of them raping and looting the public does not reflect well on the image of the government institutes. The Chief Minister, who has an admirable reputation for using his soft power over people, especially state functionaries who are suspended on the spot without any show cause. The police should be careful in misusing their power or they will face the wrath of the CM.


Lahore, June 12.