Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbas was very upset with Pakistan cricket team's poor showing the Champions Trophy and said senior players were taking things for granted.

Zaheer said the team disappointed entire nation as players were capable to deliver but they failed miserably. Zaheer rued the dearth of talent and said there was hardly any talented youngster coming in the team and if the situation continues one must expect the same results in future too. “Senior players are fully aware of the fact there was no one who can replace them. If they are dropped, they would soon stage a comeback. This is the main reason they are not performing the way they should.”

Zaheer said Dave Whatmore was given too much liberty and complete backing but the results under him speak themselves. “Now is the time that if the PCB really wants to turn around the fortunes of the team, they had to take bold steps. Pakistan is blessed with so many great players. Instead of wasting precious money on foreign coaches for such ordinary results they must go with the local coaches who can yield results.”

Zaheer said the time was ripe to make players realize that they could not take things for-granted and they have to earn place in the team by giving performances. He said this can be done only by giving opportunities to youngsters, who can replace the seniors.

Replying a query, Zaheer said he was ready to serve Pakistan cricket in any role as the country had given me so much name and fame and it was his national duty to positively reply to such a call and he was ready to serve the country in any role but I only demand respect and the offer must come in a decent way.