The new Education Minister of KPK would most probably have a lot on his plate if he in reality makes up his mind to deliver any real change in the education department. Imran Khan, Chairman of PTI would have to revolutionise the education of the province. The province must be an ideal in the discipline of education for other provinces to follow in future. The main issue that needs to be strictly addressed is to have a homogeneous syllabus in all educational institution, both public and private. Second, syllabi needs to be reformed through consultation with reputed academicians, and should not be based on the whims of a single individual. The examination system (testing system) needs to be drastically reformed; in many cases strange and ridiculous questions appear in the question-papers. Also it needs to seen how many seminaries are working and what kind of education they are imparting. It should be examined whether this system also can be incorporated into the mainstream system, so that opportunists and extremist do not find an easy opportunity to exploit these places as recruitment centres. The appointment of Chairman, secretary, and controller of an examination board should be merit-based criteria and transparent. Further the appointment of teachers (scale 1 to 15) must be also merit-based. The 'interview' factor should be ousted from the selection and appointment procedure. Private schools must be regulated through a regulatory body, a body whose formation Peshawar High Court already advised the former government of KPK. Their high-handedness and injustices to both parents, and children needs to be curbed. Last but not the least, the system of deputation be forthwith abolished, and all government officers, who are in most cases influential persons, be sent back to their parent departments. Cosmetic arrangements should be replaced with consistent and permanent procedures.MOHAMMAD FAYYAZ, Charsadda, June 13.