The new spell of rains in Lahore made the harsh weather a little bearable. The city as usual was caught unawares for the extra water that lashed the streets, squares and roads demolished many housing settlements. Wasa’s tall claims as usual turned out to be hogwash; a total of 20 deaths were reported from across the city and although some of these resulted from decrepit compounds after they collapsed, incidents of electrocution from dangling wires and ramshackle electricity pylons have also been reported. What Wasa ought to do is to have a modern drainage system. Also the need for setting up a new underground sewerage system that can be relied on during days of such heavy rain is being felt. But this spell is just the prelude to the intense season ahead when the monsoon will be at its violent. The met office is warning of more rains.What has made the matters worse is this year’s scorching heat, which has contributed to the glacier melt up in the Himalayas unleashing foods in the river and tributaries down the valleys and into the plains where the water easily accumulates due to poor sanitary and drainage system. The KPK setup, however, has established a special fund for flood evacuees as well as a control room from where it would assess the damage. Also, as parts of the Karakorum Highway are under flood water, accidents have been reported. Due to landslides, safety precaution for the traffic needs to be issued.In view of the prediction of more floods and rains, cities with bustling population ought to undergo an emergency survey of buildings that are vulnerable to rain; the residents warned to make arrangements to vacate them. It is quite sad that this year again it transpires that our state of preparedness is far from satisfactory. We should not wait for more tragedies to happen but must make prompt steps to make the peoples’ lives safe and secure. In this harsh season, where the mercury is setting new records rains are a blessing but it is through our own torpor that we turn them into a curse.