Four persons of the same family including a couple, their daughter and grandson were gunned down at Jaranwala over old enmity here in wee hours of Monday.

As per details, 55-year-old Bashir Ahmad, a resident of Chak 273/GB Jaranwala situated in the remit of Rodala Police was asleep along with his family members when accused Nasir, Asif and their accomplice(s) barged into the house. The accused opened indiscriminate firing, killing Bashir, his wife Sardarian Bibi, 50, his daughter 35-year-old Hafizian and grandson Amin on the spot. The outlaws managed to escape from the scene.  It is to be noted that the deceased Bashir's sons Abbas and Shamoon had killed father of Nasir and Asif some 22 years earlier. The police said that to avenge death of their father, the accused had killed four member of the same family. Later, the bereaved family along with a large number of locals placed the death bodies in front of police station and staged a protest against the gruesome killings.

Despite hot weather and harsh sunlight, family members continued their protest for several hours.

Protesters demanded arrest the culprit murders. However, after the officials' assurance, the protesters took the bodies for funeral and burial.