KARACHI - A healthy child means a healthy Pakistan. If we want to make the future of Pakistan healthy and strong, we have to take care of our children’s health. These views were expressed by Hamdard Pakistan President Sadia Rashid while speaking at a function of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter, held at a local hotel.

Sadia said that she was sure that the society would get rid of its present unhealthy situation and become peaceful, healthy and prosperous nation in near future. Chief guest Prof Dr Imran Hasan said that oral health was most important for overall health of a person, because mouth was the gateway of digestive system and the process of digestion began from mouth.

Advising the children to wake up early in the morning, he said: “Early to bad and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

‘Brushing twice a day is better and sleeping late in the morning is harmful,’ he said, adding: ‘Those who sleep late in the morning would become pessimists,” he added.

‘Don’t take unhealthy food because these things create dangerous oral and other diseases,’ he warned the children. Paying tribute to the services of Hakim Said for the betterment of children, he said that Hakim Sahib and his magazine for children “Hamdard Naunehal” were still with the children. Besides teachers, parents and children attended the function in large numbers.