Pakistan has become a ‘security state’ as one can see police and security personnel all around, not only in the Federal Capital and Rawalpindi, but all over major cities. I wonder what good these check points are for and if our police are so alert, how come there are so many terror attacks in our cities? In the case of Islamabad, it is believed that ‘safe city project’ is in full swing, but all such activates would have no impact as long as there are Afghan immigrants and other foreigners residing on the outskirts of the twin cities. One can easily find ‘no go areas’ in shanty towns.

Those residing in these slums are working as cleaners in many organizations, including federal government institutions, they have often been found discussing giving ‘monthly payments’ to various government departments, including WAPDA who help them in electricity theft, and they also have some corrupt police on their payroll to avoid any one interfering with them. These shanty towns are a hub for drug dealers and other criminals. Committing crime is never possible if the police are not accomplices!

I personally believe that entry and exits into the cities should be monitored rather than blocking main high ways. Inside the city, the hurdles set by the police and army only serve to irritate the commuters, with no purpose and it is waste of manpower and resources, both of which we have too little to waste!


Islamabad, June 14.