Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer and party's parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar expressed strong reservations and concerns on army operation in North Waziristan and warned that entire nation would have to face the consequences of this silly action against peaceful tribesmen.

Talking to the journalists on Monday, he asked Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif to tell the nation as to what were the obstacles in success of peace talks.  "If the government and military leadership was determined to launch operation, why on earth they staged talks drama?" he questioned. He warned that the operation would further worsen the crisis already being faced by the country.

He pointed out that over 50,000 tribesmen had migrated to Afghanistan because of army operation, adding that the incumbent government also utilized the tool of talks as a weapon like Musharraf regime. He alleged that the government started operation to divert masses attention from real issues. He lamented that the government did not take national leadership into confidence before launching this operation which would push the country towards destruction. He added that the rulers played with national security because of their pro-America policies.

Citing examples, he said that the country had already lost over 50,000 precious lives besides facing financial loss worth over $100 billion because of American so-called war on terror. He added that the agents of the enemy never wanted peace in Pakistan. He alleged that a foreign agenda had been implemented in terms of recent operation.

MADNI DASTARKHWANS, RAMADAN BAZAARS: At least 200 Madni Dastarkhwans and 17 Ramadan Bazaars will be set up in Multan during the coming month of Holy Ramadan to offer food to the poor, deserving and homeless citizens at the time of sehr and iftar. The district government sources said that at least 35 dastarkhwans will be set up in each town and the financial assistance for this purpose will be extended by the philanthropists and well-off citizens. The District Coordination Officer (DCO) Zahid Saleem Gondal said that quality food would be provided at these dastarkhwans and the district government would fully cooperate with the organizers.

He disclosed that the Punjab Government had announced Rs. 5 billion Ramadan package. "This amount will be spent to provide aatta, vegetables, fruits, other edibles and daily use items at cheaper rates at Ramadan Bazaars," he added. Referring to Ramadan Bazaars, he declared that 17 bazaars would be set up in different aread o the district where daily use items, edibles and other commodities would be available cheaper rates than the market. He added that no compromise would be made on the prices of the items and direct monitoring would be done to ensure quality. He said that every citizen would benefit from the subsidy being offered by the government. He warned that strict action would be launched against profiteers during Ramadan.

Coordinator Madni Dastarkhwans Haji Muhammad Nawaz said that the dastarkhwans were being set up across the province twice a day to offer food to the poor and deserving for free at the time of sehr and iftar. He declared that the dastarkhwans would continue even after Ramadan throughout the year.