In response to Pakistan government’s good gesture of release 150 Indian fishermen from its jails, India has only freed 32 Pakistani fishermen, plus five others. It is believed that 222 Pakistani fishermen are still languishing in Indian jails, including 161 who have been in jail for 19 years without any conviction. The people of Pakistan were expecting a warm response from the new popular Indian government but it did not respond to the warmth displayed by our Prime Minister. The half-hearted response is not sitting well with most Pakistanis.

On behalf of all Pakistanis, I appeal to the newly elected Indian Prime Minister on purely humanitarian grounds, to order the immediate release of all fishermen including the 161 languishing in their jails for 19 years. No doubt, the new Indian governments will want a fresh start and this goodwill gesture would promote the badly needed cordial relations between the two neighbours.


Karachi, May 31.