The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister have been praising each other over the budget of 2014-2015, which simply amounts to ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’. Self-praise is no recommendation, especially since everyone knows that the Finance Minister is a relative of our Prime Minister. The only real praise of the budget would be if the opposition had no arguments against it. There was no praise from the opposition, and instead, they protested another rich friendly budget.

It is believed that twenty two highly placed officers belong to Prime Minister’s Kashmiri ‘baradri’, and his progeny is being groomed to take over the reins of the government, while in neighboring India, the son of a tea stall owner, has becomes a Prime Minister! This should be a warning signal for neo-moguls’ in our country. There is going to be a rise of the masses and they will repossess the power to select a good human being as a Prime Minister and oust these power hungry and selfish elite!


Lahore, June 7.