LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar believes that if the bureaucracy starts performing its duties diligently and the teachers and intellectuals give themselves over to their work, it would put the country on the right path.

He was talking to columnist Dr Arifa Subah Khan who called on him at the Governor House the other day.

The governor observed that imparting the right kind of education to the youth would bring about a healthy change in society.

Arifa on this occasion presented a set of recommendations regarding the functioning of Higher Education Commission (HEC) to the governor who, in turn, assured her to take up the matter with the HEC chairman. Sarwar said he had high expectations from the HEC and the government could achieve the set targets through effective implementation of these proposals.

Dr Arifa also apprised the governor of low standard of research in public sector universities. She told Ch Sarwar that public sector universities did not recognise the experience of teachers who have served in private colleges and universities whose standard was comparatively better than those of the former.

The governor said he would convene a meeting of Vice-chancellors soon and share her concerns with them. He also promised to reform the rotten system in public sector universities in the light of suggestions put forward by her.