We as a nation are still in a confused state after sixty-six years. We have no idea what we want, whether a huge Metro train or a Metro bus, or is it a festival that we should spend our money on? We are a democratic country and our needs, requirements and aspirations are clearly reflected in the decisions taken by federal or provincial governments. The country has seen an overall downhill trend in development.

Our Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in chemical and pharmaceutical production has decreased by sixty-nine percent in the last year. Textile sector which was once a definition of Pakistan has shrunk by fifty-five percent in the past year. Trade volume has reduced by eighty percent. There is a need for the provincial government to make arrangements so that the dying industry may be resuscitated. Pakistan – a third world country, cannot afford projects such as the metro train.

I wonder why all the money is being spent in only Lahore? Lahore has an abundance of educational institutions, industrial estates and jobs! This city sees thousands of educated and uneducated youth arriving looking for a livelihood. Had there been ample opportunities for the youth to work in their own native cities, they would not have migrated. I strongly recommend better infrastructure and development all over the country rather than restricting it to only Lahore for a better and balanced country.


Lahore, June 14.