Guest Writer

In a developing economy with high inflation, low GDP and over all miserable living conditions for the masses, the last thing we need is a level of high unemployment, yet that is exactly the hand we have been dealt.

Not only do we have to worry about unemployment, but now we observe a selective employment. One wonders, is it segmentation for constructive purpose or is this sheer discrimination? How can segmentation of a society ever be for constructive purposes!? This very practice goes against all forms of decency.

Let this not be perceived as the rants and laments of a deprived teenager, but of one that has grown up privileged and maybe even over privileged in a Middle-Eastern country.

A better educated individual losing out to someone who is less educated due to “safarish” is all too common. We see further segmentation where a Public educated or private educated person applies for the same job and the public school educated person loses out on an opportunity which could have made his career.

Oh, and if you happen to be, “Foreign educated”!!! And you speak with an accent!! Wow, you have it made! Who cares if it was a night school you attended in order to obtain a three month Diploma in Plumbing.

You are given the kind of preferences you never imagined.

Being born underprivileged means that you will live in poverty because you were born in poverty. A poor rickshaw driver can educate his child to the best of his abilities, the children score an immaculate grade, yet will lose out to the privately educated one who is not as well qualified and as mentioned earlier, got the job by “safarish’.

My question to all of you is where does it stop?

Turn on the news, and you will see at least one case everyday about someone killing themselves or turning to drastic measures because they cannot provide for their family.

One of the most recent cases was the man in Karachi who holds a Master’s degree and runs a gang of unemployed people who go kidnapping for ransom so they can provide for their family. This is what we have come down to as a nation. The educated have turned to crime.

However, looking back to the previous generations we see that the education was more or less of equal opportunity. Opportunities weren’t as subjective as today.

So what happened? Aren’t we supposed to progress through time? Since the beginning of time man has been moving forward, hunting, creating, expanding their horizons and developing the economy through time. However, we see a decreasing life expectancy. People are not treated for life threatening diseases because they and their past generations have been born in poverty. Are we still in the dark ages? Of course we are.

Did someone turn off the ‘progress’ switch for this country? Have we been cursed? What in the world is going on here?

It’s not our fault that we were born into a caste that the employer doesn’t like. It’s not our fault that we were born into a different religion. It’s not our fault that some of us were born under privileged. My God! How many complexes do we suffer from?

So my question is where did all this come from? Why is it happening now and not before? Where does this end? Does it end? Do we want it to end or is this just a way of doing away with the expectation of fair play and replace it with an autocratic communism where your existence can be threatened by even the smallest mistake or misfortune.

I sincerely hope that my thoughts are being shared by some of those reading, and my words be taken in the spirit that they are intended. It is not to accuse or malign any segment of society, but to put a point across that this so called, “democracy” is not really what it seems. The words spoken by a hand full of politicians on equality and equal opportunities for all are not exactly what they appear to be.

We want our Constitutional rights. We want equal opportunities. We are the youth of this nation, the pride of Pakistan. Please don’t destroy our future for the sake of amassing wealth for yourself and your children.

Be nice and share the wealth of the nation equally.

The writer is an A level student at Beacon

House School.