A couple of days back Save the Children, an American NGO, was served a three-line order by the Interior Ministry to seal its office and its staff was directed to leave the country within 15 days. The reason given was that this NGO was found involved in anti-Pakistan activities, moreover it had extended help to America to detect Osama Bin Laden, through Dr Shakil Afridi. Just after two days the order was taken back and the NGO was allowed to work. Everyone would like to know why this happened and why we don’t care.

If this NGO was involved in anti-Pakistan activity, which does sounds like a bad joke, why did it take us more than 30 years to find out? The arrival of an elite force to kill Osama bin Laden, was an attack on our sovereignty as a state, why didn’t we close the American Embassy and send their staff back? The truth is simple and everyone knows it, we take funds from America and get directions from them. We sealed the office of Save the Children and received the direction from America to re-open it and suddenly it was allowed to work. This is how we have sold our honour and country, compromised our sovereignty for the benefit of a few.


Lahore, June 14.