We have yet to realize that Pakistan survived and progressed economically because of agriculture and our future progress and survival also depends on agriculture. Feeding fast increasing population and agro-based industries need more agricultural lands, scientific research and political will to utilize these efficiently. Decision to convert 1395 acres, experimental agricultural land in Chak Shehzad, into a housing scheme will be a big blow to agricultural research, food production priority and image of the PML-N government as an enlightened saviour of the nation.

Housing schemes can be launched in every district but agricultural land once lost cannot be re-created. Furthermore, Islamabad is not designed to shift population from interior to make it unmanageable, it is already short of water and facing multiple problems. I humbly appeal to the worthy Prime Minister to kindly be ‘Patron-in-Chief’ of agricultural research, and task NARC to carry out research in a manner as to supply vegetables, fruit and poultry to Islamabad as well, in conformity with the Master Plan.


Rawalpindi, June 15.