During last quarter of 2011, Nawaz Sharif expressed his desire to govern from a modest house if he became PM for the third time. His late realisation to adopt austerity, shun lavish spending and try to break the begging bowl, was encouraging and laudable but dreams, that were never realised. In the first budget of his rule the Finance Minister allocated Rs779 billion (while spending 801 billion) for PM and President respectively, this from a man who promised austerity. Moreover, premier’s promises of self reliance and non-dependence on borrowed money were fulfilled by his finance minister, by filling the ‘breaking’ bowl to the brim, with more borrowing from IMF.

Likewise the increase in PM’s and Presidents’ expenditure to 842 and 801 billion in 2015-16 budget simply proves the perceptions about the politicians’ pure rhetoric’s and no truth. As the budget is under discussion in both houses of parliament, it would be appropriate if some member draws PM’s attention to his above mentioned desires.


Islamabad, June 13.