LAHORE - Mutahida Mahaz Asatza and All Pakistan Clerks Association took out separate rallies and staged sit-in outside the Punjab Assembly to press for their demands of increase in salaries, causing worst traffic mess on The Mall and adjoining roads throughout the day on Tuesday.

Similarly, the Punjab Paramedics Alliance staged sit-in outside the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, causing traffic jam on Jail Road and adjoining arteries till the afternoon.

Clerks stayed away from offices and took out a rally from Anarkali to the Punjab Assembly where they staged sit-in to press for the demand of increase in salaries, house rent and conveyance allowance.

Teachers continued sit-in outside the PA to press for the demands of increase in salaries and implementation of service structure. On the intervention of CCPO Lahore Amin Vains, teachers shifted sit in from the road to a camp on footpaths for easing traffic flow on The Mall and adjoin roads.

Delegations of political parties visited camp for expressing solidarity with protesting teachers. Opposition leader Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed, Dr Raheeq Abbasis and renown columnist Dr Ajmal Niazi were amongst prominent people visiting the camp. Teachers called off protest for three days on the assurance from CCPO Lahore.

Paramedics come out on road outside the PIC, creating traffic mess on Jail Road. The motorists have to wait for a long period to cross Jail Road. People faced huge difficulties in reaching to the PIC and the nearby Services Hospital. Even ambulances were seen stuck in traffic.