Karachi - Amir Khan, who challenged Mexican Saul Alvarez for middleweight title last month and lost, has done an about-face over his statement about wishing to represent Pakistan in Rio Olympics in Brazil, reported Thursday.

Khan, who visited Karachi last month and inaugurated a boxing tournament there, had announced his willingness to lead Pakistan’s boxing squad in upcoming Olympics. But Khan has now stepped back from his offer until International Boxing Federation (FIBA) ratifies the eligibility of professional fighters to take part in Olympics.

On the other hand, World Boxing Council (WBC) has warned that professional boxers, who take part in Rio games, will be banned for two years. “I will be going to the Olympics viewing everything, I don’t know if will be competing in that, depends on my professional contract,” said Khan at a press conference.

Earlier this month, the British boxer lauded the decision to allow professional boxers at the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, saying he would love to represent the country of his parents’ birth, Pakistan.

The statement came after the ruling by boxing governing body at an extraordinary congress in Lausanne, Switzerland permitted professional boxers to compete at the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil, rekindling Amir’s dreams. "It’s a decision which I welcome," Khan had said at a press conference at a promotional event in Karachi. "It will help boxers and if I am permitted as per rules and from my promoter then I would love to compete for Pakistan."

His father Sajjad Khan who belongs to Matore village near Kahuta, home to country’s nuclear facilities and close to the capital Islamabad. He migrated to Britain, where Khan was born in 1986. Khan said he had roots in Pakistan and wanted to serve the country. "I will be very happy if I can compete in Olympics. I want to serve Pakistan," said Khan, who has been scouting boxing talent in the country for the last few years.