As they say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman’. In the same manner, I have concluded that behind every corrupt and jobber officer/official, there is always one so-called honest big officer/big boss - indeed, apparently honest but virtually corrupt to the core who shields and shelters his tout - otherwise, it is extremely difficult for any officer to indulge in corrupt practices and jobbery in the public sector organizations in Pakistan.

Like many others, I have concluded that corrupt are invincible in this country. They are corrupt, therefore, they have sources and resources. On the contrary, those who are honest and upright they are sources less and resources less and they can’t seek reemployment even after their retirement. Come what may, corrupt can’t be weeded out from this society, thus, there is a dire need to legitimize corruption in this country. Long Live corruption and corrupt who come and rule!


Islamabad, April 26.