I would like to bring this to public notice that; Last week, while I was exploring the electronics market in Karachi, to purchase a new TV for my house, I received a phone call from my friend . When I told him that I am in Saddar, to buy a new Television, my friend responded; “Be careful about the deceptive screen-sizes, brother”. He informed me about the report he had seen recently in National Newspaper. The report warned the public about a malpractice, commonly experienced by the buyers in the LED Televisions market.

This report was issued by the renowned technology company, and it advised the buyers to actually measure the LED screen before purchasing a Television, because many of the generic brands of LED TVs, do not measure up to the claimed screen-sizes. For example; some TVs claiming to be 40 inches in size, are actually 1 to 2 inches smaller.

With the timely help from my friend, I was fortunately able to avoid any deception and bought a reliable LED/ Television, with an accurate screen-size, good picture quality and lasting performance. I would thus advise all other buyers through your’s to be cautious of such fraudulent practices and get real value-for-money, whenever they purchase a new LED/Television.


Karachi, April 26.