Dowry is a kind of compensation which is given by the parents of the bride to the groom or his parents. Some people believe that giving and receiving a dowry will increase their status in society. If brides’ parents don’t have enough money to give a dowry then this will badly affect the girl after the marriage. Mostly, husbands beat their wives if they do not bring a dowry from her parents’ home.

The dowry system has given birth too many evils. Many parents invite huge debts in order to give dowries to their daughters. They work hard during the rest of their lives to pay off the debts. Others do not hesitate to earn money by unfair means to meet the demand of dowry. The devil of dowry has put an end to the happiness of many couples even after marriage.

It would not be out of place to mention one of the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAWW: Peace be upon him), “The best marriage is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed.” It is sad that we have departed from the teachings of the Messenger of Allah.

Most people confuse the concept of a dowry and Mehr. A Mehr is the amount given by the groom to her bride. This practice is compulsory in Islam, and was created simply to protect the rights of women. It is a large amount, usually fixed by the consultation of the bride, the groom and their family members.

A dowry is not a part of Islam, but is practiced in many Muslim countries. Pakistan adopted the dowry from Indian culture.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the value of dowries in Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are illiterate, and many do not want to be educated. A lack of education facilitates the continuation of giving a dowry. Many Pakistanis become greedy when they think about a dowry.

There should be proper rules and laws about dowry. Proper steps should also be taken to reduce this harmful disease in society. Young generations should talk to their parents about this issue and do their best to reduce this disease.


Karachi, April 27.