Islamabad - As Eid-ul-Fitr draws near, fashion outlets in the country are displaying arrays of stylish dresses design at their shops in different markets to attract the youngsters.

Attracted by the eye-catching colour and design of the cloth wears, a large number of citizens, especially the youngsters, are humming towards the fashion outlets. According to the report aired by a private news channel, manufacturers of premium dresses are also displaying varieties of attractive outfits for youngsters along with the boutique shops. Buyers from the richer class were also selecting and purchasing their choicest ones whatever the price is while the middle and low-income groups are seen bargaining with the sellers.

Moreover, it has been seen that a majority of people, especially youth, is more inclined to buy branded items like readymade clothes, shoes and other fashion wears. Besides this, fancy shops of clothes, especially of famous brands, are witnessing overcrowded with buyers and the owners and salesmen seem satisfied with their booming businesses and high sales. A salesman at a famous women clothing brand said the trend is emerging among people to buy branded cloths because these fashion outlets have fixed rates even in regular days and do not exploit the consumers in the name of any festivity like Eid.

People are more attracted towards the branded goods because of durability and unique designs, obviously in affordable prices, he added. “Some new items have arrived this year, with cotton getting the highest priority a shopkeeper said adding lawn is doing well and has become the centre of attraction among young girls,” he said.

A salesman expressed the hope that the momentum of shopping would pick up next couple of days. Designers are targeting customers in big cities with attractive designs. Georgette, cotton and lawn cloth are the preferred fabrics.

The main shopping centres are already glittering with different trendy dresses for women and men. Many costumers in cities complained that the prices clothes have gone up drastically. They said that with the arrival of Eid each trader tries to overcharge the masses.

Meanwhile, encroachments at footpaths in the markets of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are putting Eid shoppers in trouble leaving no place to walk. The vendors established their stalls of items like jewellery, cosmetics, shoes, watches, toys, garments etc. in the front of big shops covering areas of foot paths. This trend is increasing due to attract customers coming to markets for Eid shopping.

“Vendors have occupied footpaths around the markets, leaving no option for people to walk on the roads which increases rush in markets,” said Zahid Akmal a customer came for shopping with his family at Commercial Market.

These footpaths look like commercial area rather than public place to move on but no one is to check or vacate the occupied place from them.

A shop owner, Muhammad Aslam said these vendors badly affect their business as they did not allow customers to enter the shops and try their best to facilitate them with their low price stuff.

Dr Asma Sajjad, a physicians warned people not to take any eatables from these vendors as they are highly unhygienic. She further said the jewellery and especially the cosmetics available at these stalls are of very low standard and cause a number of allergies to human skin. She said, “The chemicals used in these substandard cosmetics are quite harmful and may cause a number of diseases.”