KABUL: Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai has said Pakistan does not want good relations between India and Afghanistan and wants "no bilateral trade and no access to Central Asia for India" which is unacceptable for Afghanistan.

In an interview with BBC Urdu on Thursday, Karzai claimed that India is helping Afghanistan build its infrastructure and health facilities and has "filled Afghanistan with money despite being a poor country".

"India wants to truly befriend Afghanistan and we want Pakistan to do the same," said the former Afghan president.

He rejected claims by Pakistani Ministers that Afghanistan was playing in any one’s hand, a hint towards India.

He said Pakistan should also become a part of the regional coalition between Afghanistan, India and Iran, but "Pakistan's condition is that Afghanistan should not have contacts with India."

"If this issue is resolved, our relations with Pakistan will improve rapidly," Karzai told BBC.

Terming the formation of Durand Line a 'result of British imperialism' in the region, Karzai said that Afghanistan has never accepted this border since 1893, nor will they ever accept it in future.

"When Pakistan came into being in 1947, they received it this way, so we are not blaming them but Durand Line is a blow which no Afghan can ever forget. We do not accept this border but will not fight over this issue," said Karzai.

He stressed that Afghanistan is a sovereign country and is not taking dictation from any other country but                   Pakistan government has taken some steps on Durand Line which are angering Afghans".

When asked as to why Afghanistan does not approach UN or International Court of Justice over the Durand Line issue, Karzai said it is not an international issue but 'inheritance of imperialism' and only the respective governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan can resolve this matter.

He maintained that terrorism and extremism is a menace which has not only affected people of both Pakistan and Afghanistan but added that "we (Afghans) think they have found safe havens and are getting aid from Pakistan."

"When this will stop, Pakistan too will see peace," said Karzai, who ruled Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014.

He suggested a two point solution to end hostility between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Both the countries jointly fight terrorism and make serious efforts for its elimination; this will bring peace to both of the countries. Pakistanshould accept that Afghanistan is a sovereign country and should respect it and stop dictating us about friendship with India. We will not back down on that, he stressed.