Rawalpindi - The residents of the city yesterday complained about hours-long unannounced electricity loadshedding in Ramazan ul Mubarak.

They said that most of the electricity transformers have become dysfunctional and WAPDA officials are not changing the transformers despite lodging of several complaints. Residents asked PML-N MPs to take steps to end loadshedding or else they would not vote for them in the next elections.

According to details, the residents have been facing excessive loadshedding during Ramazan ul Mubarak. The areas where unscheduled loadshedding has been irking residents include Millatabad, Dhoke Banaras, Niazi Town, Shalley Valley, New Afshan Colony, Afshan Colony, Dhoke Chuahdrian and Range Road.

Talking to The Nation, Arfat Chaudhry, a resident of Millatabad, said that they are facing power cuts even during Nimaz-e-Taraweeh. He said that WAPDA officials do not respond to the phone calls of citizens. He said that due to absence of electricity, water shortage has also gripped the area.


“WAPDA has made things difficult for us during the holy month,” said Amir Shah of Dhoke Banaras. He said that up to 10 hours of loadshedding is under way in the area. “We appeal to MNA Malik Abrar and MPA Malik Iftkhar to take notice of injustice of WAPDA or else we would not vote for them in next elections,” he said.

Shazia Bibi, a housewife said that the power supply is not consistent. Incessant outages have been causing damage to electric appliance, she added.

A citizen said that SDO and staff of complaint cell do not attend their cell/landline numbers whenever the consumers try to contact them to lodge complaint against loadshedding.

Many other residents have demanded the government to take immediate steps to mitigate their sufferings; otherwise they would launch protest against WAPDA and government.