NEW DELHI: The Opposition Congress has said that the US Senate finally "exposed the hollowness and the falsity of the claims" made by Prime Minister Modi and his propagandists over visit to the United States.

The US Senate had refused to pass a key amendment to modify its export control regulations to recognise India as a global strategic and defence partner of the US.

"What was the Modi's address to the US Congress? Was the US Congress in session? There were not even 50 Congressmen present -- the rest were staffers and those taking autographs as also non-resident Indians, people who were attending through invitation," deputy leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma told the media at the party headquarters here.

"Please go by the visuals, take out the list, that standing ovation -- many of them were cheerleaders of Modi himself. Let this list be published by the US Congress and tell how many congressmen had signed and who all were present," Sharma said while accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party's "propaganda machinery" to go overboard to deviate public attention from real issues back home.

"When we hold a function in the Central Hall (of Parliament), invitations are sent out and so many people who are not even members come for major functions. Sometimes, half of the Central Hall is full of non-MPs. It is not something exceptional that has happened," he added.

"Now, the US Senate has finally exposed the hollowness and the falsity of the claims made by Modi and his propagandist. They have refused to okay this strategic and defence partnership with India," Sharma said.