islamabad - The capital city police on Thursday registered seven cases pertaining to cheque dishonour involving millions of rupees, data reveals.

The number of cases registered on a single day suggests that the crime is on the rise, particularly in the capital as the relevant laws are weaker and the process for recovery of the amount is too lengthy.

The seven FIRs registered at different police stations of the city involved over Rs28 million collectively. Ghulam Jeelani told Aabpara police that Munir Ahmed and his wife gave him a cheque of Rs5 million in connection with a property deal which was dishonoured on presentation. Abdul Waheed told Kohsar police that Muhammad Azhar gave him nine cheques worth Rs399,000 which were dishonoured on presentation. Qari Saeed Ahmed told Kohsar police that a cheque of Rs5 million given by Asadullah was dishonoured on presentation.

Similarly, Raja Azhar Azeem, Muhammad Shoaib Tariq, Wali Muhammad Khan and Nabeel Ahmed told the local police that parties issued them cheques which were dishonoured upon presentation.

 The police have registered separate cases under section 489-F of Pakistan Penal Code and further investigation is underway.

The police had registered 96 such cases in April 2016 and the statistics revealed that in most of the cases, the litigation revolves around sale and purchase of property. The law and prosecution experts believe that the toothless prevailing laws encourage the individuals to commit cheque fraud. On the other side, the increasing crime puts an extra workload on the already overburdened police of the city. The criminals do not bother about the consequences of the fraud due to the less punishment.