A Senator of PML-N has threatened publically directly Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed by the Supreme Court to investigate the allegations against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family for money laundering and corruption. I do not believe that Senator can have this fiery tirade without the blessing of the media cell managed by the PM’s daughter.

The compromise on DAWN Leaks and allowing freedom to the in-charge of the media cell after it planted a fabricated story blaming Pakistan Army for protecting non-state actors involved in terrorism across the border has encouraged the PML-N leaders to attack the Judiciary and members of the JIT. This is not first time that one of the beneficiaries of Nawaz Sharif’s corrupt government are attacking the judiciary, They physically attacked the Supreme Court Chief Justice who was hearing the contempt of court against PM Nawaz Sharif; that time as well, the then COAS did not provide protection to Supreme Court despite the request of Chief Justice.

Maybe the mutual interest of Army Generals and politicians not allow rule of law in the country. I appeal to honourable judges of the Supreme Court take stern actions against these thugs.


Lahore, June 1.