A five-member delegation headed by All Pakistan Muslim Student Federation President Saad Malik attended All Student Federation Conference on Palestine dispute, on an invitation by Imamia Student Organization under the umbrella of Mutahida Talaba Mahaz (MTM) at a private hotel in Lahore. The conference was attended by heads and representatives from various student federations who expressed their solidarity with Palestinians and vowed to project and protect their rights and struggle for freedom against atrocities by Israel.

Speaking on the occasion president Saad Malik stressed on the need of unity of Muslim ummah and vowed to support Palestinian in this hour of need. He said: “Occupation by Israel in Palestine is highly condemnable and is unlawful.  Muslim ummah must resolve their minor disputes and should be united in finding considered solutions of Palestine dispute.”

Saad Malik stressed upon differentiating between the Jews and Zionists. He said a lot of Palestinians are Christians too. Therefore it is the need of hour to ally with the groups across the globe to internationalize the dispute after developing consensus. He also shed light on Pervez Musharraf’s vision of enlightened moderation and see it as an only way forward in ensuring peace and prosperity in the world. Saad Malik also called for reviving the student unions keeping in view its rich democratic past.

The delegation of APMSF also includes Salman Yazdani, Aman Marwat, Kamran Sajjad, Umar Zaman and Noreen Rizvi.

The conference was attended by dignitaries from PTI, PAT, PML-Q and MWM.