LAHORE - The PCB's application to include evidence from the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) against Sharjeel Khan has been rejected. The three-man tribunal's decision means the PCB will have to stick to the original evidence , under which the player was charged with five breaches of the Anti-Corruption Code. The case now hinges on another request by the PCB to push for Sharjeel's appearance for a cross-examination. The tribune will take up the matter from June 18.

"We were convinced that this application would be dismissed because it was completely speculative," Shaigan Ijaz, Sharjeel's lawyer said. "PCB itself didn't really know what they were looking for and it was only surmises and conjectures. Such an application could not be allowed when PCB and Sharjeel had completed their evidence and the case is in its final stages." In what appears to be another interesting turn-around the tribunal has decided to put its proceedings against Khalid Latif on hold. The tribunal will send a reference to the PCB chairman  informing him about the objection raised by Latif and his lawyer. The case has been adjourned for an indefinite period.